The Resource Collection is a shared repository available across all Mary MacKillop Centre websites. Resources for prayer and liturgy, general information about Mary MacKillop and for teaching can all be found in the Resource Collection.

Click on the dropdown menus to access the different categories under which the resources are organised. Visit the collection from time to time to keep up to date with newly added resources.


Make Room in your Heart Education | Senior Primary View Listen for God's Call Education | Senior Primary View Do your bit Education | Senior Primary View Attitude of Gratitude Education | Senior Primary View Mary’s Values Youtube Video Link Prayer and Liturgy | Reflections Visit Website General Resources Mary MacKillop Songs Please enjoy complimentary resources produced to assist all of us in acclaiming the gifts of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop and Father Julian Tenison Woods as we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Sisters of St Joseph in Penola, SA, on March 19th 1866. View Mary's Pilgrim Energy - the Torch Bearer Education | Adult Mary MacKillop was called to pick up a flaming torch and carry it into an uncharted arena of life...She was a pathfinder, pacesetter, pioneer and trailblazer. Written by Genevieve Ryan rsj Extract from ‘Mary MacKillop: the Fire Burning in Her Heart’, in ‘Mary MacKillop Inspiration for Today’— edited Pauline Wicks rsj—pp171-184 View Mary MacKillop on Pilgrimage Education | Adult Mary MacKillop is both a guide and mentor on our life pilgrimage, because she knew the joy and sorrow common to all humanity. Written by Colleen O'Sullivan rsj Extracts from ‘Mary MacKillop: On Pilgrimage’ in ‘Mary MacKillop Inspiration for Today’— edited Pauline Wicks rsj—pp160-172 (2005 edition) or pp 121-134 (2007 edition) View Eucharist at the Heart of Mary's Life Education | Adult Mary MacKillop lived in the second half of the nineteenth century, when devotion to the Blessed Sacrament was the hallmark of the faithful Catholic. Written by Carmel Pilcher rsj Extracts from ‘Eucharist at the Heart of Mary’s Life’ in ‘Mary MacKillop Inspiration for Today’— edited Pauline Wicks rsj—pp135-148 (2005 edition) or pp 147-160 (2007 edition) View One of us is a Saint Education | Adult By the time of her death on August 8th, 1909, Mary MacKillop was venerated by the general public as a woman of great vision, of heroic character and outstanding holiness. Written by Mary Cresp rsj— Extracts from ‘A Saint for Australia’ in ‘Mary MacKillop Inspiration for Today’— edited Pauline Wicks rsj—pp 26-36 View
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