The Resource Collection is a shared repository available across all Mary MacKillop Centre websites. Resources for prayer and liturgy, general information about Mary MacKillop and for teaching can all be found in the Resource Collection.

Click on the dropdown menus to access the different categories under which the resources are organised. Visit the collection from time to time to keep up to date with newly added resources.


Mary MacKillop - Large Banner Galleries The banner below has been designed to be 4.5m in height and 1.5m in width. Click on the image, to download a full sized PDF version of this banner. Note the PDF is 20MB. View North Sydney - Then and Now Galleries MMKMS1 Original Motherhouse North Sydney MMKMS2 Motherhouse and Novitiate c1902 MMKMS3 Motherhouse c1906 MMKMS4 Motherhouse 2009 MMKMS5 Chapel c 1915 MMKMS6 Chapel pre 1923 MMKMS7 Chapel 2009 MMKMS8 Chapel & Museum c1960 MMKMNS9 Chapel and Museum 2009 MMKMS10 Chapel 1913 MMKMS11 Chapel 2010 MMKMS View Josephite Places Galleries MMKB1 Penola MMKB2 Burra SA c1870 MMKB3 St Joseph's Church, Penola SA MMKB4 Norwood Refuge MMKB5 St Joseph's Kangaroo Point Qld c1870 MMKB6 St Mary's South Brisbane c1869 MMKB6 Thirwell House in Rotorua MMKB7 Caltowie SA MMKB8 Franklin Street Convent MMKB9 Fullarton Refuge in 1901 M View Julian Tenison Woods Galleries JTWBW1, JTWBW2, JTWBW3, JTWBW4, JTWBW5, JTWBW6, JTWBW7, JTWBW8. JTWBW9, JTWSEP1, JTWT1 View Mary MacKillop Galleries Permission is required for use of ALL images and text in the Mary MacKillop and Sisters of St Joseph websites Request Form for Use of Text and Images associated with Mary MacKillop Terms and Conditions for Non Commercial Use of Text and Images associated with Mary MacKillop MMKBW1 A young Mary, MMKBW2 Mary 1869, MMKBW3 Mary 1869, MMKT3 Mary 1869 ,MMKBW4 Mary 1871 ,MMKT4 Mary 1871 View Prayers through the Intercession of Mary MacKillop of the Cross Prayer and Liturgy Prayers for deeper compassion and awareness in our world asking Saint Mary MacKillop to pray with you. These prayers, for individuals or groups, originally were published in Sr Monica Cavanagh’s book, Mary MacKillop: A Window of Hope. View Childrens Prayers Prayer and Liturgy 15 new Prayers for Children written by Sisters of St Joseph. The graphics accompanying these prayers are taken, with permission from Andrew Chinn and Jill McLaughlin's book - St Mary MacKillop - Beneath a Cross of Stars. The drawings are by children from MacKillop schools across Australia and New Zealand. View A Psalm of Remembering Mary MacKillop Prayer and Liturgy | Mary MacKillop A Psalm of Remembering Mary MacKillop is a resource in which various aspects of Mary's life are recalled with thanks and praise View Prayer for Children Prayer and Liturgy The Prayers for Children resource was created by Sr Lyn Sparling. View Litany of Mary MacKIllop Prayer and Liturgy | Mary MacKillop The Litany of Mary MacKillop was prepared by the South Australian Province Beatification Liturgy Committee. View
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