Please pray for the intentions of the following persons:

27 Jul


Pleasepray with me that N n S resolve their differences. Please pray she goes on the ride


Dear St Mary MacKillop, Please pray for C that they will feel content, loved, valued and appreciated. Please also pray for C that they will be healed. Thankyou so much, Amen


Please. Stmary mackillop of the cross intercede to have my prayers answered that I do not have any sinister health problems and I will be healed.... praise bless and thank


Special prayers needed for many sick relatives and friends. I pray for healing for them. Also pray for a lessening of violence and crime in our city.


mother mary I heard from A yesterday the drs will not admit what was done to G god knows and im bound to make sure it does not happen to others and G needs the truth to come out I pray for a miracle for V her life has allways been in gods hands amen


Dearest Saint Mary of the Cross - we ask that our prayers be answered. Pray for us as it's proving extremely difficult during these times to have faith in God when everything is such a struggle. Amen.


Dear Saint Mary please please intercede to God on our behalf and please please pray with us for our son M for his cure healing and protection and please please pray for all the sick and suffering people and A , Amen, Thank You


PleSe st mary of the cross intercede to have my ptayersto be answeredthat my stomach problem will be healed....I prAise bless and thank


Dearest mother Mary I'm in so much pain in my neck and back please take away my pain save me for my children who need me. You have helped me so many times I love you


Dear Saint Mary of the Cross..please ask God to continue praying for my brother GW who has terminal Cancer. We hope and pray his Chemotherapy treatment is successful. Thankyou for your love and support...Amen

26 Jul


St Mary please pray with us for our grandson Z to continue iimproving We pray to God our Father Amen

Dcg have my.prayers answered for my health and strength and I will get past visit


Thank you for interceding please keep my family healthy and well, pray that my Daughters treatment has been successful. Pray that my Husband makes a full recovery. Pray that my children and Grandchildren stay healthy and well and free from harm. Amen


We pray that my nephews back will be OK so that he can go on his hockey tour. Thank you .


Please pray for me i have a lot of problems at the two bosses are bullying me and my other staff member these two staff members are controllers bullies and the are very intimidating please pray that they will leave please pray


mother mary I would love to visit your chapel my sister did many years ago she prayed for my husband G and it went in the book but he died by the hands of evil drs bur allways believed you could perform miracles im alone please pray for V amen


Dear St Mary MacKillop, Thankyou so much, Amen


Dear Saint Mary please please intercede to God on our behalf and please please pray with us for our son M for his cure healing and protection and please please pray for all the sick and suffering people and A , Amen, Thank You

Elie Sanba

Dear St Mary Mackillop please forgive me for my sins & please my mum stops smoking & became happy & healthy again & the rest of my family best wishes came true & bro succeeds in studies & world peace AMEN.


Please St Mary Mackillop, pray that God has mercy on us and heals my husband and pray that God looks after our finances. Please pray for a full mind, body and soul healing for myself, my husband and our children. Amen.


St Mary Mackillop, please pray for a miracle cure for my endometriosis. Amen.

25 Jul


MotherMary thank you for jayden and grace and our health. Thank you for saving An injury. Please intercede to help An give her stength and angels and miracles her way in this very difficult situation. Make her feel the circle of great live around her always.


Thank you St Mary for prayers answered Thank you Lord for giving us St Mary Mackillop


Blessed Mother bless my family and my loved ones help my children's to be a better persons in life and bless my Dear Mother with health and happiness keep my Father in your loving arms look after him till we get together again thank you Mother blessed be.??


please mary mackillop help us . grant no worrying development close to us .


St Mary thank you for being there for me and my family helping us through the difficult times Amen


St Mary I pray that you may be able to help with reconcillation of our family members Amen


Blessed St Mary we pray for your help with our grandson Z be with him and guide him when he needs direction and comfort him when he needs help we pray to Christ our Lord Amen


Thank you Mary for all the wonderful things you do for us. I humbly ask you to help my eldest daughter find a job. With a grateful heart forever.


mother mary I ask you to keep me safe today I have much to do please don't let me fall stay with V while she has another operation guide the drs I ask that she gets cured of this cancer she has allways put herself in gods hands in jesus name amen

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