Please pray for the intentions of the following persons:

28 May


Please pray with me Mary, My mother is going for scan tests on Tuesday and I hope all will be ok. I am very afraid for her and scared. my mother is the most wonderful women in the world and with all she has done for us I wish her only good health. Amen JD


St Mary pray for my wife who has a joint problem we pray for her healing Thanks be to God Amen


Blessed St Mary please continue to help our grandson Z through his tough days and for the health and happiness for all our family The power of prayer will always prevail Amen


St Mary thanks for prayers answered another great day especially for our grandson Z praise the Lord Amen


Dear Mary MacKillop you know my situation and the need I have for the Doctor to return the information required. Please could you give him a reminder and not let him forget to answer the email. Thank you Mary for your intercession Amen.


Dear St Mary MacKillop, thank you for you help with my son exam final. MCBD


dear st. mary of the cross Mackillop I ask for your continued intercession in our life, please help us all especially mark with both physical and mental health also that I may be able to receive some good news on Tuesday if it,s God,s will praywithme.


mother mary pray for my sister V it is not a state today no paper today please keep me safe im so afraid I feel so alone please intercede to god to keep me and my sister safe and all others with cancer guide the nurses to treat patients kinder amen


please mary mackillop intercede for us all . help me have restful night - help a and t - health .. help s and t- work . grant no worrying development close to us .


Dear Saint Mary please please intercede to God on our behalf and please please pray wirh us for our son M for his cure healing and protection and please please pray for all the sick and suffering people and A , Amen, Thank You


Mary, Thank you with all my heart for hearing and answering my prayer. I had lost hope and I did not expect things to change for me. You have reminded me to keep the faith, and to pray, even in times when it feels as though it will not help. Thank you


Please Blessed Mary please continue to intercede for my family, Pray for the healing of us physical and mental health. Please ask Jesus God our father to join you in our healing.


Dear St Mary please help my friend S who is suffering from an illness. Please St Mary also help me with my numerous health issues. Thank you so much

27 May


Blessed St Mary we thank you and the Lord for another great day Thanks for helping my family especially our grandson Z Thanks be to God AMEN


mother mary thank you for the talk with E today I implore you to intercede with the lord to heal my sister V you know she has accepted the lords will but im asking for all those she helps I can not do without her god has G please cure her amen


Dear St. Mary, Please pray for our unborn child who has been diagnosed with a single cardiac rhabdomyoma, let this be the only tumour inside her tiny body and may it not be linked to tuberous sclerosis. Please let the tumour not cause her any problems.


Dear Saint Mary please intercede to God on our behalf and pray with us for our son C for his complete cure & healing. We ask you pray for him and intercede to God on our behalf, over the critical week ahead. Please pray for C & all sick children. Amen


St Mary, my wife M was recently diagnosed to have a cyst & specialists suspect her cancer has returned. Please pray and implore the Lord for her that the cyst is benign. Pray that the Lord gives her & us the courage and strength to accept the Lord's will.


Dear Mary and dad please keep us safe on the road to and from always and on our trip amen


Dear Mary Please keep us all safe on the rod to and from on our first trip and keep the kids safe snorkeling Darling dad watch over us amen


St Mary MacKillop would you please pray for C who is suffering so much.......please pray for strength and courage from the Holy Spirit so that he can feel optimistic and enlightened. Thankyou, Amen


Blessed St Mary thanks for prayers answered please continue to pray for healing of our grandson Z bless him and embrace him when he needs help Thanks be to God Amen


St Mary please help Z have a happy and enjoyable weekend Thanks be to God Amen


mother mary I have not heard from E this week I pray she will ring today she has much to do and family around but I miss our talks I pray god will cure V you know her situation please heal me im not too good and alone thank you for talk with mr G amen


Dear Saint Mary please pkease intercede to God on our behalf and please please pray with us for our son M for his cure healing and protection and please please pray for all the sick and suffering people and A , Amen, Thank You


Please pray for the healing and recovery of c.l in his time of need. Please bless the work of all in RPA looking after the ill and dying. We pray for c.l family . B,and his two boys, and his extended family.


Dear Saint Mackillop, I ask for your faithful heart to pray with me for my nephew who is ill. I ask for you to pray with our Lord to heal and give patience to my family forever Amen

26 May


Saint Mary Mackillop please intercede for my intentions: for my husband S for a safe and successful surgery with no complications on june 16.I also pray for the Lord to guide the hands of the surgeon.I also pray for my intentions for my family,


Dear St Mary, Please pray for my husband, my youngest sister, my brother and a dear friend. They are all suffering from various debilitating conditions. Please obtain a good outcome for them all as well as wisdom, courage and strength for their carers.


Faithful Mary. Please pray to the Father for the safe arrival of J. and for A. Thank you

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