What has Shopping to do with Mary’s Fears?

8 June 2017 | General Interest

‘Sometimes I almost scream with fright!’

(Mary MacKillop 1870)

As a shopper, you’ve probably met check-out staff who were quite affable, but not so efficient. Remember your frustration as simple procedures seemed to take ages?  You tried to keep calm and remain present.  Phew!  That was close!  Then a satisfying visit to the bank?  I don’t think so!  Only one teller on duty and a very long queue.  It’s only necessity that keeps us going back.

Like Mary MacKillop, we come across things that can make us almost scream, whether from annoyance, frustration or fear.  These are our growth times, if we can just identify them.    

‘God alone knows what is best for us.’

(Mary MacKillop 1870)

2017 - LBB - JuneRather than resisting, we can see these occasions as part of our search for God, the Ground of our life.

Mary reassures us that God’s presence is always there, amidst the mess and confusion.

‘We may walk lovingly in God’s presence in the midst of the most trying occupations.’

(Mary MacKillop 1870)



'God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.'

(Psalm 46:1)


Little Brown Book - small

This extract from 'The Little Brown Book’ (pp78-79) has been used with the kind permission of the authors, Sue and Leo Kane.

‘The Little Brown Book’ can be purchased from: Mary MacKillop Spirituality Centres across Australia: www.marymackillop.org.au and Pauline Books and Media: www.paulinebooks.com.au



Compiled by Mary Ryan rsj