Four Values of Mary MacKillop

8 June 2017 | General Interest

The four values "Attitude of Gratitude", "Do Your Bit", "Listen for God’s Call" and "Make Room in Your Hearts for All", originated in New Zealand with MacKillop Camps that are held there each year.

An attempt was made to create similar events in the Toowoomba diocese in Queensland where Sisters of St Joseph once ministered. 

To assist teachers and mentors of small groups to lead children into the spirit of these values, Diane Phillips rsj created resources that include stories that she created mostly from snippets in letters written to and from Mary MacKillop and Sisters of St Joseph during the ten years that they were in Queensland from 1880 – 1890.  She then found scriptures and sayings of Mary MacKillop that support each of the values.  This was followed up with prayers that have the values as their themes.

These resources have now been shared in several schools throughout Queensland.  It has been found that children enjoy the stories and with careful reflection on the scriptures have cometo a deeper understanding and ownership of the values in their own lives.    

Please download and use as needed...