Do I ever see the beauty that creeps unnoticed into my day?

4 April 2017 | General Interest

‘Work on with the means placed at your disposal ...’

Mary MacKillop 1886

Little Brown Book - April 2017Not long ago, Joshua Bell, the world-famous classical violinist, played outside a busy railway station – and hardly anyone noticed.

Within fifty minutes, a thousand people passed by, and only one or two paused in the presence of sublime beauty.  A few children wanted to stop, but they were hurried along by preoccupied adults.

The majority just didn’t notice, or have time for, the beauty that had crept, unnoticed, into their day. 

A spiritually powerful, uplifting experience was passed up.

Are we sufficiently aware of the means God has placed at our disposal?

Be still and know that I am God  (Psalm 46:10)


Little Brown Book - smallThis extract (pp46-7) from 'The Little Brown Book’ has been used with the kind permission of the authors, Sue and Leo Kane.

‘The Little Brown Book’ can be purchased from: Mary MacKillop Spirituality Centres across Australia: and Pauline Books and Media:

Above image: Mary Ryan rsj