Mary MacKillop Canvases

30 March 2017 | General Interest

At the recent 2017 JJAMM leadership gathering the students were asked to create a collage on a Mary MacKillop "Canvas" representing a global issue of injustice.

Leaders chose an issue that challenged them; an issue they felt the need to speak out about. What follows is the collection of artworks explaining the injustice from a young person's perspective. As you read you will note their deep understanding and empathy coupled with their hope for change and justice.

Below follows an excerpt from a reflection from one of our School Leaders relaying the group experiences at the 2017 JJAMM Leadership Gathering...


Over the course of five days, teenagers from all over Australia and New Zealand were transformed from simple strangers to the leaders of tomorrow's world. JJAMM can be summed up in this quote: “If we stand together, we can change the world.”

This was clearly evident during JJAMM and continues to be evident as the leaders of the schools communicate with each other over emails and social media. JJAMM was the start of us continuing the footsteps of St Joseph, Julian Tenison Woods and Mary MacKillop to make this world a better place - one step at a time.

Casey Martin, (Vice Portfolio Leader)
Mary MacKillop College, Wakeley


MMK Canvases