Am I a carrier of stress? Some words of wisdom from the Little Brown Book

8 March 2017 | General Interest

I could not go with my sad face among the poor Sisters

Mary MacKillop 1869

Little Brown Book - March 2017It takes a special kind of strength to put our hurts aside. Mary MacKillop does not want to have a depressing impact upon her Sisters.  She knows that spontaneity and  humour have the ability to lift people.

Mary shared this outlook with the great Saint Thomas More, whose determination to enjoy life made a difference to all around him.  About to be beheaded, he asked his executioner, when he found the platform shaky, to help him up and he would look after himself on the way down.  Then, when he lay his head on the block, he asked him to wait a moment while he pushed his beard out of the way, uttering those immortal and courageous words: “My beard never committed treason!”

When Mary herself was close to death, her nurse could say that she could take a joke and enjoy one (1909).  Mary, like Thomas, believed that life was meant to be celebrated! 

Mary tried not to burden others with her problems.

Rejoice in the Lord! 

(Psalm 33:1)


LBB - February 2017

This extract (pp24-5) from 'The Little Brown Book’ has been used with the kind permission of the authors, Sue and Leo Kane.

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