Chloe's Story

16 February 2017 | Canonisation

Chloe and her mother visited the chapel and the museum at Mary MacKillop Place for the first time last year as members of a school excursion. Neither of them knew much about Mary except that she was a saint.

Chloe was deeply impressed by what one small woman had accomplished in the face of so much opposition. It caused her to reflect on her own good fortune at having an education. Both Chloe and her mother were deeply affected when praying at Mary’s tomb and the mother described the feeling she had that Mary was speaking to her.

Chloe\'s StoryDuring the last weeks of the school term Chloe's mother was encouraging her to cut her hair which had NEVER been cut, as managing the plaiting every morning when she went to High School was going to be too hard. Obviously it would be a wrench to give up her crowning glory!

Mum and Chloe were so inspired by what they'd seen and heard in the Museum about Mary that Chloe said she'd cut her hair if she was sponsored to do it by here school friends in years five and six. Her school mates and their families got right behind her and the rest of the school joined in. Her beautiful locks she gave to the Children's Hospital for wigs for cancer sufferers and she has presented the Mary MacKillop Foundation with about $600 cash.

What a girl! And this is how Mary's legacy will continue…

Maree Whybourne
CEO Mary MacKillop Foundation

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