Happy New Year

1 January 2017 | General Interest

Today we celebrate the beginning of a new year.

It is a time to ponder what this New Year might hold for each individual, our nation and our world.  May our hearts be open to receive the gifts that the God of New Beginnings will bestow on us during this year.

PeaceThis New Year marks the 50th celebration of the World Day of Peace.  Pope Paul IV introduced the commemoration of the World Day of Peace in 1967.  This year Pope Francis' message is entitled 'Nonviolence - A style of politics for peace'. He concludes his message by inviting each one of us to become 'an artisan of peace'. His message is so timely in a world torn apart by war and conflict.
He challenges people across the world to seek a pathway to peace through a nonviolent approach.  Let us pray in the words of St Francis: 'Make me an instrument of peace where there is hatred let me show love'.  

Daily there are women and men who dedicate themselves to being such instruments of nonviolence. One such group is Pax Christi International, a Catholic peace movement that 'promotes peace, respect of human rights, justice and reconciliation across our world'. May the example of their lives inspire us, as we begin this New Year. 

Let us pray that Jesus' nonviolent approach to life will enable us to find creative solutions to the many conflictual realities that arise in our daily lives, and in the hearts of world leaders. 

'Let us make active nonviolence our way of life'. 
Pope Francis 2017

May the blessing of peace be yours as we begin this New Year. 

May this peace begin in your own heart, words and gestures and may it flow freely from you into your world of influence.  

Happy and blessed New Year.

Sr Monica Cavanagh rsj
Congregational Leader