Mural is a Sign of Diversity

7 December 2016 | General Interest

Mount Carmel College proudly unveiled a real cultural melting pot of a mural last week.

Mount Carmel CollegeThe painting titled Songlines was created by two artists – Indigenous woman Ingrid O’Loughlin and Robert Emerson – in collaboration with students who shared stories from their cultural backgrounds.

The mural was created to reflect the school’s appreciation of its community’s diversity and the unveiling ceremony began with students welcoming guests in a variety of languages.

Principal Gavin McLaughlin said the occasion was a celebration of a wonderful addition to the school’s grounds that spoke of the living legacy of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as well as the Sisters of St Joseph, who have been involved in education for 150 years.

“This wonderful artwork tells the narrative of our school community and so many of our families past, present and future,” Mr McLaughlin said.

Two of the students who assisted with the mural’s design are Year 10 students Carlo Udquin, 15, and Seleke Kamara, 16.

Seleke and Carlo both arrived in Australia in 2010; Seleke from Liberia and Carlo from the Philippines.

“Diversity in our community is important because we get to know each other and so there is no racism,” Seleke said.

Carlo said: “I feel like I belong in this community because I am accepted and everyone respects my cultural background.”

Ashleigh Pisani

Source: Portside Messenger, 23 November 2016, pages 4-5

Picture 1 by Tom Huntley: Mount Carmel College Year 10 students Carlo Udquin and Seleke Kamara in front of the school's new mural titled Songlines.