3 July 2017 The Secret to Happiness Mary MacKillop found her happiness in making others happy. She inspires us to look beyond faults and foibles - and see the good, the pure gold, in others 19 June 2017 Mary MacKillop Inspires WA Catholic Primary Students Students from across Perth Catholic primary schools come together to support LifeLink
14 June 2017 Irene McCormack Day Celebrations Students and staff of Irene McCormack Catholic College came together to celebrate the life of their College Patron, Sister Irene McCormack 8 June 2017 What has Shopping to do with Mary’s Fears? Mary MacKillop wasn't afraid to admit that she was scared or frustrated. But ... she recognised that God was with her in the mess or confusion
8 June 2017 Four Values of Mary MacKillop Educational resources celebrating Mary MacKillop's Values 16 May 2017 In the Footsteps of a Pilgrim In the footsteps of Mary MacKillop, CSO staff, principals and teachers walked the 'Aussie Camino' from Portland to Penola
4 May 2017 God Missing? Our Little Brown Book reflection for May challenges us to stop looking for God in other places: God is with us at every moment, right here, right now! 2 May 2017 Pilgrimage to Honour Mary MacKillop Three Melbourne men are following in the footsteps of Australia’s first Saint
4 April 2017 Do I ever see the beauty that creeps unnoticed into my day? This month's Little Brown Book reflection urges us to foster awareness of the love and beauty that surround us 30 March 2017 Mary MacKillop Canvases JJAMM students were asked to create a collage on a Mary MacKillop "Canvas" representing a global issue of injustice
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